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January 2017

Every single January it's the same story:

1. The fitness pros are selling their 'special' / 'results guaranteed' programmes like crazy - '12 Week Shred' / '3 Day Detox' / '10 Week Weight Loss Bonanza' ......

2. The Gym memberships go through the roof


3. The result is the same every time: bit of effort for Jan, a bit of progress but come March, the runners are gathering dust.

I'm not doing that this year. 

Sure some of these programmes are good but the problem is the longevity and actually learning to enjoy health and appreciate wellness. 

So that's my focus: small steps, easy to implement but with a good enough impact to create some habits that will last into the year. 

What you get:

  • 1 Email per day for 21 days
  • Simple at home nutrition tips to get a baseline idea of where your starting point is
  • Effective plan of action to tackle nutrition including information on macros, micros and water
  • At home bodyweight strength and HIIT workouts
  • Energy management, stress and mindfulness tips.

You will get some key guidance and motivation to kick start the new year.

Simply drop you name and email into the form below and I will see you in your inbox January 1st, 2017!