Crossfit Workouts for the Week 11/07


Oh HAI GUYS! Can you tell I've had two can's of Monster today? Gasp! I know kill me now....a nutritional therapist, the epitome of health having a can of Monster. Don't shoot me, I have a 10,000 word dissertation to hand in this week PLUS I am at a 3 Day Workshop this coming weekend PLUS I just started a MASSIVE project PLUS I am training hard PLUS I am walking everywhere!......all in all. Sleep is no more and Monster is new best friend.

Point: Shit happens. Caffeine and stimulants become necessity. No big deal.

Ok so now we're over that, let's chat about my nutrition & training. These past few weeks, specifically since March, have been tough. Not only did I have to face increased workload and stress (Boooo), I also had to finally address some big issues in my diet. Well, let me rephrase...I have been addressing these issues for 2 years nearly but inconsistently and you might even say 'half-assed'. Reason being my chronic and overwhelming fear of weight gain. Believe you me....from someone who has obsessed about the number always going DOWN since the age of 15, it's pretty fricking hard to see the scale do the opposite EVEN when you know all the literature, all the 'why's' and have a clear plan.

I don't want to start into this story today but know that I am making progress. Before Christmas, I would have gotten frustrated and cried and just not cared enough to understand why things were changing - because I m doing everything right! Wrong. That's the thing though, it’s easier to say something doesn’t work and throw in the towel. Funny thing is that being negative, stressing over things 'not' working and over-thinking it is all just a massive recipe for disaster and something I've really had to work on these past few months.

My perception is slowly changing and now I think it’s pretty cool to be able to think of my body as an experiment instead of something that I have no control over. Taking care of your body is always a priority....screw the aesthetic, it's of no use to you if things under the bonnet aren't working right. Believe me, I have been there and paid the price. So instead, I m grasping how to live in the positive, test, try and try again and watch the changes happen.

My diet is going through some specific adjustments at the moment. I don't want to share too much just yet but I am reverse dieting at present meaning I am bumping my calories slowly until I reach a certain point where I am maintaining my weight with the idea that only then will I start a cut. Training is reflective of this too...while I am doing a good amount of exercise, I have pulled back a lot on certain things. In addition to the weekly increase, I am bumping my carbs all the time although at present, it's paleo only. No grains just yet.

  • Water is now at 4-5 litres per day
  • Carbs are circa 120g daily now
  • Being more lenient and allowing more 'treats' in my life. All within my macros so I guess it's called a 'flexible' approach.
  • Walking 10k - Dog is loving this!

There is no magic here other than just patience. And in addition to all this, I am tracking more with weekly weigh ins, taking my measurements, pictures and daily diet tracking. This helps me when I get frustrated because I can reflect on what I am doing and find gaps.

So now to my training for the week......I train in CrossFit Solas and this programme is an excerpt of the 12 week programme. We just started a new phase. I don't follow the reps exactly all the time - in fact, I am working with higher rep ranges right now and more focus on speed vs strength. I want a leaner body and sadly that will mean sacrificing strength. While I want muscle (to replace the fat, tone and increase my metabolism), I don't want to 'get bigger' (FYI No body shame here, this is just my personal goal right now). 

So here's my workouts.

***Insert obvious word of caution that the programme is designed for our gym and so has a specific purpose which may not be right for you and also to consult your doctor before trying any form of exercise etc. etc. ****





A) Box Squat 5X8

B) Z Press 5x8


5 x Burpees

10 x Sit Ups

Thrusters Max Reps

Repeat until you get 100 Thrusters. I used 25kg and finished in 14 mins.



A) Clean Pulls 5x3

B) Hang Power Cleans 5x5

Reverse Tabata 10 sec ON / 20s OFF

A) Push Press (25kg) - 4 Min

B) Front Squat (25kg) - 4 Min

C) Deadlift (55kg) - 4 Min

2 Min break between each.

I got 38, 40, 40 total reps







12 minute time cap (Finished in 9.15)



Back Session - Bodybuilding Style Mix in the Gym:

Lat Pull Downs

Bent Over Rows

Horizontal Rows

Close Grip Pull Downs

Back Extensions



Warm Up: Dish holds/planks, mobility


1 Mile Run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

In true RX fashion, you would complete each movement before moving on to the next but I did the scaled version 20 sets of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats

Completed in 38 mins which I am delighted with. The only other time I have done Murph was in a gym (treadmill and RX fashion although I scaled to assisted pull ups and push ups from knee) and I got circa 1 hour 8mins from memory so this is a BIG jump. Looking forward to testing this again.

This workout destroyed competitors last year @CrossFit Games. WATCH VIDEO



Nada much - walking mainly



LumberJack WOD:

20 x Deadlift (I used 55kg which was light)

400 metre run

20 x KB swing (16kg)

400 metre run

20 x Overhead Squat (25kg kept this light too)

400 metre run

20 Burpees (focus on only touching chest off ground for push up and not slamming whole body down so these were very slow)

400 metre run

20 Pull Ups (Sadly no Kipping yet)

400 metre run

20 Box Jumps (20" Box)

400 metre run

20 DB squat cleans (horrific to have as last movement 12kg each arm)

400 metre run

I finished in 27.15 - I kept weights on lighter side because I wanted to workout to be snappy and focus on speed. The amount of running was a real mind game....especially because our version involved 3 laps each time. This was one sweaty session.


Try it out and let me know what you think!